Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MSC Divina Cruise: Exploration

Our first full day on the ship was a time to explore, We went to deck 16 to check out the disco, the race simulator and the 4-D theater. There is also an adult-only area called Solaruim and of course private places for kids of different ages.
There were Broadway-style shows each night. The shows were extremely good. One night, there was a tribute to Michael Jackson, one night featured a pirate theme, another night there was an opera. As a matter of fact, it was the first opera at sea I had experienced. They also had contortionists, acrobats and other great performers.
The last nights performance was a combination of all the previous nights meshed together. When you cruise the Divina, you must check out the shows. You will be amazed at the talent and the showmanship presented.
Please make sure you visit our website and look at the photo albums. You will see photos of everything from the food to the ports of call.
And when you are ready for your dream vacation, give us a call at 704-994-8747 ext 1. Your adventure awaits you. Let's go!

Monday, November 24, 2014

MSC Divina Cruise Nov 12-22, 2014

Just returned with a small group from a 10 day cruise on the MSC Divina out of Miami, Florida. The ship has only been operating since last year, so we were excited to be on board such a "new" ship.
The ship is beautiful.  There is glass and sparkle at every turn. I have posted photos of the ship on my website under the photo albums tab.
For starters, the ship is huge. There is enough space for over 3,500 guests and over 1,300 crew members on 18 decks.
When we were on board, there were 47 nationalities represented.
I must say, while it was the most beautiful ship I have sailed on thus far, I have to make a comment about the people sailing with me. There were some of the most rude and unkind people I have encountered. There were instances of people pushing others out of the way to get to food or something else they wanted. I know that all cultures are different but there were instances when I felt bad because I would speak and not be spoken to in return. Or someone would lean the other way in their seat when I sat beside them.
That being said, I know that cruise lines cannot dictate who boards their ships or how they carry themselves while sailing. But if rudeness were a crime, a good number of guest would have enjoyed their vacation from a jail cell.
But putting bad behavior aside, the cruise was enjoyable. I was instantly hooked on the pizza. I can say it was the best I have tasted to date. To me, the other foods were good as well.
The staff I had direct contact with were nice and friendly. Some staff would pass and not speak but I don't really blame them for that. There were guests that were doing the same thing. So, perhaps on international sailings, speaking to everyone you meet is not as important as on non-international ones.
I did have some clients that said they would not sail the line again because of the rudeness of some of the other guests. I hate that because I do believe you should not reduce a cruise experience to the actions of some of the guests.
Although the atmosphere was not as jovial as I wanted it to be, the cruise was a great one. I learned a lot about places I had not been to before. I also met some nice and friendly people who would strike up a conversation with "So where are you from?" I met people from Haiti, France, Canada, states in the US and other places around the world. So when the ship made announcements, they did so in five different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.
Cruising on MSC Divina is certainly not for everyone, But if you want a different itinerary on a beautiful ship and can stand possible rudeness from a few guests, I say book the Divina. I believe you will have a fantastic vacation with memories that will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beautiful Miami

The skyline is just beautiful here. The Holiday Inn at the port is right across the bridge from the Port of Miami. It is also just a few blocks from the Miami Heat stadium. The room we stayed in was small but it was clean and had a walk-in closet. The bathroom was also small but again, we didn't need much. Last year we could see across the bridge to the port. This year the view was not as good. We did go across the street to Bayside Marketplace. We had to go back to Chili's for the ribs. There are plenty of shops and places to eat at the marketplace. We will get the chance to go back tomorrow before we leave.
After riding on Amtrak for 19 hours, it's time to rest. We have a big day tomorrow. We are ready to see the beautiful MSC Divina. I will take as many photos as possible so you can see what I will be experiencing. Don't just read about it. Join us on our next cruise. We plan a year in advance so you will have time to pay and prepare for your vacation. Our office is closed now but call us at 704-994-8747 x1. Leave a message and we will return your call after we return.