Monday, November 27, 2017

What I Learned From an (Almost) Dead Plant!

Several weeks ago, my husband and I went on a two-week vacation to Florida. I have one house plant that I am proud to say I have not killed. You see, I have a brown thumb, both literally and figuratively! I just can't keep plants alive! I either over water them or forget to water them. Anyone who can kill a cactus is pretty bad. I'm that person. So I decided, for the plants sake, I would set the plant outside. That way it would get enough sunlight and possible water from any rain. It was the fall of the year so I figured it would be fine.
Of course, North Carolina had some cold weather while we were on vacation. The temps dipped below freezing for a few of the day we were away. I just knew the plant would be dead when I returned. However, when I got back it was mostly brown with a little green in spots. So, not really knowing what to do, I figured I would bring it back inside and just let it finish dying surrounded by warmth.
I set it in a back room for several days, pondering whether to just set it back outside or what. As days went by, I realized there was still some green life in the plant and maybe I should concentrate on the part that was alive instead of concentrate on the dead parts. So, the first thing I did was return it to its usual place by the door. That way, it would have plenty of sunlight. Then I started watering it again. Lastly, I pulled off the dead leaves so they would not hinder the green parts from growing.
The plant made me think about life and how we sometimes look at the negative things and do not consider the positive. We are quickly ready to discard things or people because of something they said or did. But we fail to consider the circumstances that could have caused what they said or did.
We all have the power to nourish and promote positive energy into others. If we focus on doing that, we will find that those around us will be rejuvenated and we will prosper as well.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Looking to Buy A Home?

I am so excited to announce that I have re-activated myself to assist buyers in purchasing homes in North Carolina! I was already working as a referral agent all over the United States, but now, I am also able to assist clients who are looking to purchase homes in and around my area in North Carolina. Of course, NC is a large state! So, any areas I am unfamiliar with, I will still be able to refer to a top agent in that area. I look forward to working with buyers to get them into the home of their dreams. Visit my website for more information:

Friday, August 25, 2017

New Rx Card Testimony

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Monday, July 31, 2017

I Am In Tears!!

Today, I was working online with my businesses. Nothing unusual. I do it all the time. Recently, I was able to become an independent loan broker with David Allen Capital. They help businesses get loans when the bank won't. Anyway, they are a division of Youngevity, a health and wellness company. Being a broker also affords me the opportunity to be a part of Youngevity and it's other services. One of those services is a Free Discount Prescription Card. We can offer them to anyone who might need help with their prescription costs.
I went on my Facebook page and posted my link so that anyone who might need assistance with their medicines could try out the card.
One of my friends saw my post and printed out a card. She was getting ready to go to the pharmacy and get her daughters prescription refilled. WITH INSURANCE, her cost for the medicine was $1400.00. She said she had been thinking about getting another job just to pay for her daughters medicine. She handed the discount card to the cashier and her bill was $115.00!!!! She saved $1285.00!!! She posted it on my wall and I sent her a private message. I thought she meant the med was $140.00. She messaged me back and said no, it was $1400.00 and it was not a typo. She could not stop thanking me for posting the information on my wall. We are both thankful that the card helped her and now she will not have to get a second job just to pay for the medication for her daughter.
When we do things, we never know who we might be able to help. I am sharing this card with everyone I meet! Please, take a few minutes to print out the card. If you can't use it, give it to someone else who can. You never know how it could change someone else's life.
Go to and print the card. You can also check which pharmacies accept the card and the cost of medicines when using the card.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Day three Club Med

Wow! Today was an awesome day! First, the weather cooperated because it was overcast and that kept the heat down for our sports training. I had volleyball training first and tennis training second. Both trainers were very knowledgeable and patient with us newbies. We learned techniques of each sport and practiced with each other. I must say, the sand on the volleyball court was a challenge. So hats off to all the beach volleyball players out there. They have 8 professional volleyball courts there and sometimes tournaments are held there. I also learned they have training camps there for youth. I did not realize there was so much involved in volleyball and tennis! I may not be a pro, but I can pose and smile!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Port St Lucie, Florida

Take a look at this beautiful video of Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Port St Lucie Florida

Friday, June 30, 2017

Day two, Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Port St Lucie, Florida

Today was another day of adventure at Club Med. We started off with a delicious breakfast. Then we toured the property. It was really a repeat for me, since I explored the entire property yesterday after check-in. After touring the property, we listened to a presentation about the worldwide properties of Club Med and what expansion is coming for the brand. After that, we were free to participate in the activities until evening cocktails and dinner. Of course I took the time to catch up on some work and relax. I went to the Riverside BBQ and Grill for a salad, burger and fries. Everything was very good and the wait staff was friendly and accommodating. I also video taped Angela Caraway (The Caraway Management Group) doing trapeze for the first time. Make sure you watch the video.
The entertainment in the theatre tonight was Circus Cabaret. It consisted of various acrobatic acts and was quite good. The strength and flexibility of the performers was incredible.
Tomorrow is another awesome day when we have a presentation on the Club Med Academies and are able to participate in two of the the academy lessons. We choose two out of volleyball, golf and tennis. If my shoulder cooperates, I will participate. If not, I will settle for being a spectator. Looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Day one Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Port St Lucie, Florida

My first day at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort in Port St Lucie, Florida was a great one. Meeting planner Angela Caraway and I arrived for the FAM (familiarization trip) about three hours before check-in. But, the kind person (Marley) at the front desk went ahead and  checked us into our room, gave us our key wrist band and said she would call us when the room was ready. So we were able to go immediately and begin enjoying the resort. We explored much of the resort. I took photos and we went to Le Bouchon for our first taste of food. It did not disappoint. Everything I had was very good. Even the pizza there was better than some of the pizza restaurants I have been to. Later that evening, we had a reception and dinner at The Marketplace Restaurant. They had white chocolate bread that I couldn't stop eating. As a matter of fact, I plan to purchase a loaf or two to bring back with me. Yes, it is that good. So when you go to the resort, make sure you get some at the restaurant. You won't regret it. We met an awesome mother and daughter at dinner and connected right away.
The mother, 81 years young, adopted us on the spot! So we gained a mother and a sister over dinner. We laughed, talked, shared and stayed way longer in the restaurant than we should have. But we took the hint when they started cleaning the tables. The night was beautifully calm and peaceful. We sat outside with our new "family", hugged each other and departed to our rooms for the night. Being at a beautiful resort and making lifetime connections is priceless. I plan to do this much more often. Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow will be another adventure.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Increase Your Marketing

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Do You Enjoy Commission Sales?

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Check Out This Awesome Restaurant!

If you are ever in or near Paramus, New Jersey, please visit the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall. It is a large, two-story, upscale mall with shopping, dining and entertainment. While taking a tour in New York, I had the privilege of visiting the mall. I did not get a chance to do a lot of shopping but some friends and I stumbled upon the Grand Lux Cafe. When I say, everyone was raving about their meal....we were all more than satisfied with the food and the waiter we had. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I will provide a few for you. This is how they described my ribs meal on the menu: Falling Off the Bone Tender! Wood Grilled Baby Back Ribs Glazed with Our B.B.Q. Sauce and Served with French Fries, Peanut Cole Slaw and Green Chile-Cheese Cornbread. They were indeed fall of the bone ribs. The coleslaw was divine and the green chile-cheese cornbread was warm and oh so good. I let my friend Brenda taste it and she ordered some to go! I must find the recipe to make it at home.
Brenda got the salmon served with Fresh Asparagus, Mushrooms, Potato and Tomatoes with a Sweet Green Pea Sauce. That sauce was extremely good. We were so busy tasting each others food, her salmon got cold. She tasted it and said even cold it was delicious!
Needless to say, we all had a wonderful experience at the Grand Lux Cafe. My husband and I will be looking for one in our travels and will certainly stop in when we have the opportunity. If you are a red velvet cake fan, please do NOT get theirs! It will make you throw rocks and all other red velvet cakes. It was so melt-in-your-mouth good, you have to shake your head after every bite! Bon appetit!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

New York Visit

It was wet when we left by bus for NY. It was cold and wet when we arrived in NY. Although the touring was faith-strengthening, it was still wet and cold the first two days. Bus rides can be long, especially like a trip from SC to NJ. But when you have to endure rain and cold, for me, it is worse. The trip itself was totally worth it for many reasons. I did a similar trip two years ago, but my husband was unable to come. This time he is with me, so this is an experience we can talk about and allude to for years to come. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Mahwah, NJ. We were less than 10 minutes from NY.
On day 1, we went to the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in Warwick, NY. Since it was raining and cold, we could not tour outside. But we were able to tour the 4 interactive areas in the building. I must say, the technology was amazing. And the organizational history and Bible knowledge is second-to-none. Each person touring has earphones and a small transmitter. When visiting each display, there was a number that could be punched into the transmitter. Then you would hear more information about the display. So, you could take as much time as you needed to tour the area. There were also an area where you could pose for photo opportunities or hear your voice on a mock radio broadcast set-up. What an awesome way to learn about the modern-day history of Jehovah's organization. There were interactive touch boards on the walls of some areas and a touchscreen table with more teachings and information. The first day was truly amazing and one I will remember for years to come.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Lost Family

My handsome nephew Charles Davis and me.
My beautiful niece Dorothy Massey and me.
Many years ago, before my father met my mother, he had a set of twin girls, Ruth and Ester. Their mother, Sally, died during childbirth. As the years went on, my dad married and had another daughter, Sarah Jane (who died last year). Sometime after their divorce, dad moved from North Carolina to Cleveland, Ohio. My mother, who is from South Carolina, moved to Cleveland during this time and at some point, they ended staying in the same apartment building. That is how they met. After living up there for a while, they came back to NC and got married in 1951. It took 11 years for my brother Hampton to come along in June of 1962. Twenty months later, in February 1964, I entered the world, premature and weighing 2 pounds. Although I was not given a positive survival outlook, I survived.
As the years continued, I learned of my half-sister Sarah Jane. I even met her. We even went to NJ to see her and she and her family came to visit a few times when I was growing up. I always though it strange that all my nieces and nephews were older than me! While Sarah Jane and I knew of each other, we were never close. That was hurtful but I learned to live with it.
For reasons unknown to me, I did not hear about my twin half-sisters until I was an adult. By that time, they were both deceased. I cannot ask the "why" question because both of my parents are deceased too. Anyway, no answer would suffice. 
I had always yearned for a sister, and to know I had them but was never able to even see them has hurt me to my core. I believe that is why my closest female friends are so special to me because I look at them as the sisters I never had relationships with.
I love Facebook. Why? Because almost 3 years ago, my daughter posted that she missed her grandfather, Hampton Allen. A stranger, who was one of my nieces, Bay Davis, responded that he was her grandfather too! So, we connected! Then I found out that one of my nephews lived in Lancaster, SC and one of my nieces lived not to far away in another part of SC. Lancaster is one hours drive from my home! All these years I have close family nearby and did not know it. But instead of dwelling on the past and the missed years, we were able to get connected with the SC family and my girls, their children and I planned a trip to Lancaster. I asked that they get as many family members as they could in one spot and send me the address. I cannot tell you the joy we all felt that day. I met a nephew and niece (one from each twin), Charles and Dorothy. Charles wife, also named Dorothy (we call her Dotti to keep them straight). So Dotti made it happen! Everyone brought a dish and we had great eats and great music (old school of course). The best part: we connected on such a deep level that it is impossible to put in words. We even found we like a lot of the same things including food and music. That connection continues to grow stronger.
Although I kept in touch with Bay, she lives in upstate NY. That's a long way from NC. A couple of years ago, I went on a bus trip to NY. Unfortunately, they were not able to come to where I was. I was very disappointed. So, when my husband and I decided to go on a group bus trip to NY this year, I was determined to try a second time to meet more of my family. So I contacted Bay to let her know I was coming that way. Where she lives was only 35 miles from the hotel where I would be staying. I told her in plenty of time because she does not drive and someone would have to bring her. It turns out, her daughter, who works two jobs, brought her. Her daughter also brought her sister and their father to meet me. When I tell you I couldn't stop smiling, I'm not kidding! This was a reunion almost three years in the making! But connecting with my family was so worth the wait. And we look a lot alike as you see in the photos. And Bay and I are the same age! How crazy is that? 
Standing: Hampton's fiance Clesha Henry and Hampton Allen (my brother).
Couple on left: Nephew Charles Davis and wife Dotti. Couple on right: Me and husband Vaughn McMillian.
I still have two more nieces and one nephew to meet, but I am thankful to have met and connected with some of them. When I first met my nephew Charles, his wife Dotti and my niece Dorothy, I thought my heart would burst! Now I realize it was just stretching for me to have more room for my new family. When I met Bay, I had the same feeling of fullness so I knew exactly what it was. My heart was again making even more room for Pat, Marilyn and James, the ones I have yet to meet. Together we will be creating memories that will last us our lifetime! Having a family is a privilege and a blessing. Each day I plan to enjoy mine to the fullest, with gratitude, love and unspeakable joy in my heart. Visit our growing family tree here: 

Niece Antonia "Bay" Davis and me.
Left to right: Niece "Bay", her daughter Keisha, me and her daughter Tamara.
They all call me Aunty (and I love it)!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Want a FREE Uber ride?

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

18 Things Not To Forget on Your Next Cruise

I was thinking of all the things a first-time cruiser might not know about when cruising. So, I started a list of things that are usually needed/used when cruising.

1. A lanyard for your sign and sail card.
2. A power strip for all the phones and tablets you want to keep charged.
3. General and prescription meds and first aid kit (pain meds, sea sickness meds, aspirin, neosporin, hydrocortisone, muscle rub, orajel, etc.)
4. pop-up hamper
5. freezer bags (for ice pack, waterproofing phone on beach or at pool, and more)
6. Water bottle (ship cups are small)
7. Extra prescription meds (in case there is a delay getting back home).
8. Bug spray.
9. Sunscreen.
10. Battery powered alarm clock (most staterooms do not have a clock!).
11. Hat.
12. Jacket/sweater (ships can get cool at night, even on deck).
13. Water shoes (for pool or beach).
14. Powdered drink mix to add to water. Cuts down on (can eliminate) cost of sodas.


15. Put your phone on airplane mode so WiFi is disabled. I use my cell phone only for camera while out of US. If a port has free WiFi, connect to check-in or connect with family/friends/social media.
16. Check forecast of places you will visit to see what type of accessories you might need (rain gear, umbrella, light jacket).
17. Most cruise lines have an app for communicating with others on the ship. Download it before you leave and know how it works.
18. If you do experience sea sickness, try getting in the pool (unless you are nauseated), eating green apples or saltine crackers. Ginger pills may also help (I keep some at home all the time for minor stomach problems).

Can you think on any other tips or things not to forget when cruising? If so, message me. I would love to add them to the list.
McMillian Travel is here to help you on your first cruise or your 50th cruise! We love cruising and want to make your next one an awesome one. Call us and let's go somewhere!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Buying or Selling Real Estate?

On the advise of an awesome employer and friend, Michael Diggs, I went to real estate school in 1998. It wasn't something I had thought of doing before Michael suggested it. A few years later, he would ask me to help him with a commercial deal in Charlotte, NC. Of course I was delighted to assist him. I went back to school in 2001 and got my real estate brokers licenses. I opened my own real estate company and enjoyed working with buyers and sellers for the next several years. But, in 2015, I closed my business because there were not a lot of people in my area who wanted to purchase homes. I had worked hard to get my license and just let them go inactive as I was not doing business any longer. In 2016, I found a company called Park Place Realty Network. They allow agents in North Carolina (and a few other states) to work with them in referring buyers and sellers. The great part is, I can work with any buyer or seller in any state in the United States! We work to find the best agents in the area the customer is looking to buy or sell in. When we find the right agent, I refer my client and they are taken care of. I do receive a small referral fee for sending the agency a new client. It is a win-win for everyone. Sometimes, the agent does not work out. In that case, we can go back and find another agent for the client. I work hard to make sure my referral client is satisfied and has a great experience.
If you know anyone who is buying or selling a home, I would love the opportunity to assist. Please visit

Friday, February 10, 2017

What If?

What if we stopped reducing our dead loved ones to a birth date and a death date. Although we think of them often, sometimes we hone in on when they were born and the day they died. What about all the dates in between? Why can't we remember and celebrate a time when they made us proud or a time they made us laugh so hard we cried or a time they made us beam with pride or hang our head in embarrassment? Life is made up of so many moments worth remembering. What if we let the tombstone be the only place that remembers their first day and their last day? Let us celebrate all those days in between.

Monday, January 30, 2017

How Do You Butter Your Toast?

When I was little, my mother always made toast the same way. She would put the butter in the middle of the bread and toast it. That is the only way I knew to make toast. All because it was the only place I had ever eaten breakfast.
Then I visited my aunt and cousins in Thomasville, NC. Their house is right in front of a railroad track. That, however, is another story for another day. Anyway, my cousin Annie made breakfast for us each morning when we spent the night. 
It was there that I learned the lesson that things in life could indeed be different. It was there I learned that everyone does not do things the same way. It was there that I tasted what I call "5 star" toast. Not only did Annie put butter in the center of the bread, she also put small pieces of butter on each "corner". So, instead of just getting the butter when you got to the middle, you would get butter with almost every bite. What a treat that was because I love butter! 
That one shift changed the way I looked at toast. So much so that when I grew up, I always made "5 star" toast for my family. Now, my children may look strangely at others who only put butter in the center of the bread. Who knows, they may now make toast the same way for their family.
That simple change, that one shift, taught me to look at things differently. It taught me that people do things differently and that does not have to be a bad thing. If we look at those small differences, we may just learn a thing or two. It may cause us do things differently. It may help us to embrace the difference and make it our own. My toast won't win any contests or cause any major breakthroughs in life. But, for those who love butter, it makes breakfast at my house a treat.

Friday, January 27, 2017

New York Experience

I have the wonderful pleasure of being able to visit the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in Brooklyn, NY this past April. A bus load of us left Rockingham, NC early this morning at 3 am. We arrived at the Hampton Inn Middletown in scenic Hudson Valley, NY after 6 pm. The first thing that struck me about the area was the views of the surrounding mountains. Once here at the hotel I had the strangest thought. My mind went back to my early childhood years. I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Catskills". I thought about the story of Rip Van Winkle. Why? Because the first thing I remembered about the story was its setting...the Catskills! It is funny how the mind can sometimes remember the smallest of details. Now, here I am all these years later, in the pace I once read about in a book. The story of Rip was just a fiction, but this place is real, and beautiful, and serene. It wouldn't take moonshine for me to be able to sleep away 20 years of my life here (read the
After checking in to the hotel, we went to Soho to eat. It is a very short walk from the hotel. And we were told they would give us a 20% discount on our order. The atmosphere was very inviting. Staff was professional yet fun. Of course we had to try the is New York. My friend Brenda (yes we both have the same first name) and I got the pepperoni. It is our favorite. It did not disappoint! It was very good. As a matter of fact, it was the second best pizza I have ever had. (Number one still goes to the pizza aboard the MSC Divina cruise ship). Brenda enjoyed her cobb salad with champagne vinaigrette dressing...sounds rich doesn't it. We also enjoyed tamales with avocado and sour cream. If you are in the area, I highly recommend Soho's bar and grill.
We all have places stuck in our head for one reason or another. Where is it that you want to go? Stop dreaming and lets make it happen!

Call McMillian Travel at 704-727-8821 when you are ready to go around the corner or around the world.
We can help you make it happen.

Monday, January 23, 2017

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Madame Tussauds, Orlando Florida

A few months ago, I had the fun "job" of going to Madame Tussauds in Orlando, Florida. It was my first time going to a wax museum, so I was not sure what to expect. My husband, Vaughn, and I went to see just what might interest us. It was an interesting place to visit. We did take some photos while we were there. There were some people I didn't know and some of the ones I did know didn't look like I felt they should have looked. But, all and all, we had a nice time seeing the waxed people. And, like others who visited, we posed with some of the statues. We had a nice time, as the photos will attest to.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sea Life Aquarium, Orlando, Florida

I love sea life! I don't swim so that means I have to view them through glass. Nonetheless, I love watching sea animals gracefully swim in water. With that being said, going to Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando, Florida was a real treat for me. If you are ever in the area, and you enjoy seeing water animals in aquarium settings, you will enjoy sea life. They have over 5,000 animals including fish, seahorses, jellyfish, whales and sharks. They even have a 360-degree ocean tunnel you walk right through! It is a fascinating experience.