Thursday, April 20, 2017

18 Things Not To Forget on Your Next Cruise

I was thinking of all the things a first-time cruiser might not know about when cruising. So, I started a list of things that are usually needed/used when cruising.

1. A lanyard for your sign and sail card.
2. A power strip for all the phones and tablets you want to keep charged.
3. General and prescription meds and first aid kit (pain meds, sea sickness meds, aspirin, neosporin, hydrocortisone, muscle rub, orajel, etc.)
4. pop-up hamper
5. freezer bags (for ice pack, waterproofing phone on beach or at pool, and more)
6. Water bottle (ship cups are small)
7. Extra prescription meds (in case there is a delay getting back home).
8. Bug spray.
9. Sunscreen.
10. Battery powered alarm clock (most staterooms do not have a clock!).
11. Hat.
12. Jacket/sweater (ships can get cool at night, even on deck).
13. Water shoes (for pool or beach).
14. Powdered drink mix to add to water. Cuts down on (can eliminate) cost of sodas.


15. Put your phone on airplane mode so WiFi is disabled. I use my cell phone only for camera while out of US. If a port has free WiFi, connect to check-in or connect with family/friends/social media.
16. Check forecast of places you will visit to see what type of accessories you might need (rain gear, umbrella, light jacket).
17. Most cruise lines have an app for communicating with others on the ship. Download it before you leave and know how it works.
18. If you do experience sea sickness, try getting in the pool (unless you are nauseated), eating green apples or saltine crackers. Ginger pills may also help (I keep some at home all the time for minor stomach problems).

Can you think on any other tips or things not to forget when cruising? If so, message me. I would love to add them to the list.
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