Saturday, April 11, 2015

Florida Vacation Day 6

So, who says you can't do two theme parks in one day and live to tell the story? The first half of the day we went to EPCOT (which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). The second half was spent at Magic Kingdom. The day included lots of walking (I got in almost 16,000 steps), a ferry boat ride, a monorail ride and seeing lots of Disney characters. I would say more about the day, but I am too tired. So I will let photos do the talking.

After such an active day, it was time to rest. Tomorrow is the "drive" day to come back home. What a great time we had. Next year I plan to have a group of families come here to see what the "magic" is all about. If you would like to visit for the first time (or second, or sixth), please make sure you are on our email list and you like our Facebook page 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shopping and Family Day

Time to slow down the pace! Time to do some shopping and spend time with family. Since this is the only free day we will have, we decided to go shopping and get some lunch. We went back to Boardwalk Brothers for lunch. We also took more time to explore the flea market and go to a couple of gift shops. After a few hours of shopping, we went back and talked with some of our relatives who now live in the area. We spent the rest of the evening catching up, laughing and eating. 
Tomorrow is going to be a long day. First, it's Disney, then I have to leave and go to the Tampa Blues Festival. Of course, I am excited about that and will be taking a lot of photos.
Time for bed, more tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Florida Vacation Day 3

What a day we had today! So, like I said, we spent last night at my brother's house in Tampa so we could get the day started early. We got up and, after breakfast, we headed to Clearwater Beach for a couple of hours in the sun. The kids had a blast at the beach.

After our beach trip we went back to Hampton's place and he grilled steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages and made jerk chicken for us. At the end of the day, there is nothing like family.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Florida Vacation Day 2

Today we are going to Dinosaur World located at 5145 Harvey Tew Road, Plant City, FL. The grands are excited about going and I must admit I am too. I pass this attraction every time I go from Orlando to my bother's house in Tampa. 
The attraction was amazing! They have over 150 dinosaurs on display. And they have information on each one. I think I took photos of all of Zaylen and Zahria did a fossil dig and got to keep three of their finds. It was fun watching them sift in the sand to find fossils. After exploring the complex, we had lunch there on site. They have so many places to sit and enjoy you meal. There are lunch tables everywhere throughout the exhibits. There are no places to purchase food there so make sure you pack your lunch and enjoy it together while there. Upon arrival and when departing, you have to go through a gift ship. So you are almost certain to take a souvenir home from your adventure. After lunch, we visited the on-site museum. There were bones from different animals found in Florida on display. There were no dinosaur bones found in Florida because, according to the information, when dinos roamed the earth, Florida was under water! The museum had 4-5 animated dinosaurs with sound. Zahria was a little fearful but we assured her they were not going to harm her. After grabbing a few souvenirs, we were on our way to Tampa (20 minutes away) to see my brother Hampton. 

So, we get to Tampa and my brother is not at home. But no worries. He told me he had a business meeting earlier and traffic in Tampa is nothing like I have ever seen! My bother is a professional photographer with Encore Productions so he stays busy! He had a shoot that evening. But, we spent the night so we could hang out the next day. What did we do? Check out the next post!