Saturday, April 11, 2015

Florida Vacation Day 6

So, who says you can't do two theme parks in one day and live to tell the story? The first half of the day we went to EPCOT (which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). The second half was spent at Magic Kingdom. The day included lots of walking (I got in almost 16,000 steps), a ferry boat ride, a monorail ride and seeing lots of Disney characters. I would say more about the day, but I am too tired. So I will let photos do the talking.

After such an active day, it was time to rest. Tomorrow is the "drive" day to come back home. What a great time we had. Next year I plan to have a group of families come here to see what the "magic" is all about. If you would like to visit for the first time (or second, or sixth), please make sure you are on our email list and you like our Facebook page 

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