Monday, November 27, 2017

What I Learned From an (Almost) Dead Plant!

Several weeks ago, my husband and I went on a two-week vacation to Florida. I have one house plant that I am proud to say I have not killed. You see, I have a brown thumb, both literally and figuratively! I just can't keep plants alive! I either over water them or forget to water them. Anyone who can kill a cactus is pretty bad. I'm that person. So I decided, for the plants sake, I would set the plant outside. That way it would get enough sunlight and possible water from any rain. It was the fall of the year so I figured it would be fine.
Of course, North Carolina had some cold weather while we were on vacation. The temps dipped below freezing for a few of the day we were away. I just knew the plant would be dead when I returned. However, when I got back it was mostly brown with a little green in spots. So, not really knowing what to do, I figured I would bring it back inside and just let it finish dying surrounded by warmth.
I set it in a back room for several days, pondering whether to just set it back outside or what. As days went by, I realized there was still some green life in the plant and maybe I should concentrate on the part that was alive instead of concentrate on the dead parts. So, the first thing I did was return it to its usual place by the door. That way, it would have plenty of sunlight. Then I started watering it again. Lastly, I pulled off the dead leaves so they would not hinder the green parts from growing.
The plant made me think about life and how we sometimes look at the negative things and do not consider the positive. We are quickly ready to discard things or people because of something they said or did. But we fail to consider the circumstances that could have caused what they said or did.
We all have the power to nourish and promote positive energy into others. If we focus on doing that, we will find that those around us will be rejuvenated and we will prosper as well.

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