Monday, January 23, 2017

How To Start Your Online Business for $26

If you are interested in starting an online business, here is one way to get started. Taking these steps will give you the opportunity to have multiple streams of income. After you complete the steps, you will have one link to promote (GMP). That will make it very easy for you to get your opportunities in front of others. To get started you will need $26. The first program is $25 one time. The second program is $1 a month to start. Please read all the information, including the compensation plan, for all of the programs. Ready to get started?

First: Join Gorilla Marketing Pro(GMP) at  
Cost: FREE

Once you are in your GMP back office: Join my Primary business (first blue tab)               
Cost: $25 one-time

Next: Join My $1 Business
Cost: $1 monthly
If you just want the savings and do not want to do this as a business, join for $1 BUT DO NOT
put your link in your back office. Just leave your My $1 Business blank.

In Gorilla Marketing Pro: Plug in your primary business (if you have one) and your links to the above businesses (if you join them. If you do not join them, leave the spaces blank). If you do not have a primary business, use the Prosperity By Design as your primary business. Join various safe lists and advertising sites to advertise Gorilla Marketing Pro (GMP). Also use the training and webinars provided in GMP to learn how to better market your business and start earning income. Immediate cost $26. Monthly cost $1 (unless you want to work the My $1 Business as an income producing business in addition to saving money. See website for details). Make sure you plug into the online live training GMP provides it's members. Do not skip the training materials or videos that are in your back office. It will take you some time to watch/read/understand all of the information found back there. I suggest you alternate working and training so that you do not get burned out on either. You may not see income right away, but just keep advertising and results will come. Share the GMP system with everyone. Just offer them the free system. Because once they sign up, your opportunity links will be in the back office, just as my links were in your back office. It is a great way to help others while exposing your business to some who might not take a look at it otherwise. And even if they do not join you business, if they share it with others, some of your links will carry over and you will still gain exposure and possibly sign-ups. It's a win-win situation!

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