Sunday, February 11, 2018

Every Day Should Be Celebrated!

Yesterday, my husband and I took my adult nephew and his wife out to lunch. Once we were seated, the waitress asked if we were celebrating any special event. I replied, "Every day above ground is a reason for celebration!" She smiled and said she agreed but she had to ask because that is what management wanted her to do. She turned out to be very kind, efficient and thorough. We enjoyed her waiting on us and making sure we had everything we needed.
This morning, when I was thinking about our meal, I thought again about what she asked. I do always try to celebrate every day of life. The first thing I do when I wake us, is offer a prayer of thanks for seeing another day. I realize that some people did not make it to see this day and that I have another day to get my life more in order from a physical, mental and spiritual standpoint. Even when I am in severe pain, I am still thankful. Even when something weighs heavily on my mind, I am still thankful. Even when I have to supplicate Jehovah with tears, I am thankful. Each day I attempt to find something to laugh about. If I cannot laugh, I try to smile. Life can be hard and sometimes there are days I do not want to get out of bed. But after I remember my life is a blessing, I am ready to face another day. As one person once said to me, "Better to be seen than viewed." I would have to agree. I just hope that each day I am able to impart that gratitude and thankfulness on to others. It could be as simple as a smile or a quick text or a word of encouragement to a stranger. Living in continual gratitude helps me to get through the not-so-easy days and helps me to look forward to the future with love and hope in my heart.

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