Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is the only place in the Caribbean you can find Nassau Royale. It is a Caribbean rum. The US used to import it but don't anymore. So, when I come, I make sure I get a few bottles. Four years ago, I got 4 bottles and I still have one bottle. It is a nice after dinner drink (and great for strawberry daiquiris so I try to keep some on hand.

I used to like to visit the straw market which is a short walk from the port. It is much bigger than it used to be. When I started coming to Nassau, it wasn't a very big area and you could go and watch elderly ladies making the straw hats and bags by hand. It was fascinating to me. When I went this time, there were just people there trying to entice me to look at what they had for sale. They all wanted the same thing, for me to come look at what they were selling. The area had become much larger and there are several long aisles of straw items. I did not see one person making any items, but to be honest, I did not go into the market this time. I don't like high pressure selling. I just like to look without all the vying for my attention.

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