Monday, November 7, 2016

Vacation Time!!

My husband and I are counting down the days for our vacation! Although we are "empty nesters", we still get excited about getting out of the house and enjoying other scenery. 
This year he decided he wanted to take a two week vacation! I was shocked as we usually only do a week at a time. But, hey, who am I to complain? Since I work from anywhere there is internet, I can take my business with me if I need to.
So, by the first of Dec., I will have a lot of stories to tell and photos to share.
This year we are cruising for a week and staying at a villa for a week. We will spend time with each other and our family, making some great memories along the way.
Sometimes we are so bogged down with the day-to-day things we have to do, that we forget to take a break and do something we want to do. 
What are you waiting for? Plan a vacation, even if only for a long weekend. Do something different, adventurous or just fun! Your body and your mind will thank you for it. And you will come back ready to take on the next arrow that life will throw at you.
Some people complain that they do not have the money. I created my travel agency for such people. Plan far enough in advance so that you can make payments on your trip. That way, you can go without having to skip a bill or have worries about how everything will get paid.
Travel should not be a stress! It should be a time to rejuvenate and reconnect with those you love. Take the time now. Stop waiting for what you think will be the perfect time. The perfect time is now! Visit and fill out or vacation or cruise intake form. We will get back to you so that you can start enjoying more of what life has to offer.
​What are you waiting for? Let's go somewhere!

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