Tuesday, December 2, 2014

MSC Divina: Deck 14

Deck 14 seems to always have a buzz. There are people there for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all times in between. Since children 12 and under sail free and 13-17 year olds only pay port charges, there are children of all ages on board. There are always favorite foods in the children area, like hot dogs, french fries, chicken nuggets and more. The menu varied each day. The food, to me, is very good. I can only hope I will walk enough each day to keep the pounds from piling on. On sea days, sleeping in will be my first order to the day. We have three ports in three days, so I will have to save my energy. We will visit Columbia, Panama and Costa Rica. I am excited because I have not been to any of those countries. Well, time to start the evening. Not sure what we will do, but I am sure it will be fun.

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