Wednesday, December 3, 2014

OK, I'm Not Perfect!

As shocking as it may seem, I will admit I am not perfect. When preparing for a vacation without a checklist, you will usually forget something important. Even seasoned travelers like myself. So, I am telling you something that you might not think about. Make sure, before going out of town or out of the country, that you call your credit/debit card company so they know you are traveling and where you are going. They need to know when you are leaving and what days you will be in what ports. That way, there will not be any problems if you want to use  your card in the various ports. If a foreign transaction comes up on your card while traveling and you have not let them know about your travels, you may have a declined transaction because they think your card is stolen. Also make sure you ask about any fees associated with your transactions, especially for foreign countries. Just FYI.

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