Thursday, December 4, 2014

MSC Divina: Sea Day #2

So, today we will hit the shops again and see what we can see (and buy). I am excited to see Columbia tomorrow. It will be a new destination for me so I will make sure I take photos and learn as much as I can about the country. So far, this has been a very good vacation for me. I am truly enjoying the ship. The only draw-back is some of the people. Where I am from, people are generally cordial and polite. But some people on this ship are rude and will physically bump or push you aside and look at you like you did them wrong! So, you if you have a quick temper, going on a cruise with 47 nationalities might not be for you (unless you bring bail Here, you have to be patient and listen carefully as you may not understand the English with the heavy accents. It is certainly a learning experience. But one that will teach you to embrace (or not) other cultures. I am used to greeting people and being friendly. However, that is not necessarily how others are taught. So, not being spoken to after you speak should not be taken personally (easier said than done). Lesson learned (but I don't have to like the lesson!)
Now I am going to lunch! Pizza is calling my name.
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